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Roaming charges loom large again as May's plans to come out of EU Digital Single Market - Councillor Anthony Feely

Published: 6 March, 2018

Councillor Anthony Feely has reacted to Theresa May's Brexit speech last week in which she outlined plans to take the North of Ireland out of the EU Digital Single Market.

The Erne West councillor said;

"Once again Theresa May is showing a total disregard for the people of the north and especially those of us living in areas like Garrison and Belcoo.

"For years people right across the border area were hit with roaming charges imposed by mobile network providers. After a long hard fight these charges, within the EU, were abolished in 2017.

"Once again, May's plans highlight the need for Designated Special Status for the Six Counties. This decision, like all of the Brexit debacle, will hit everyone in the North.

"Whether it is businesses or just ordinary mobile users this will hit people financially and once again cause hardship to our communities because of the internal arguments of the British Tory party." - Ends/Críoch