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Dolan echoes Senator's calls for Irish passport office in the north

Published: 29 January, 2018

Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA, Jemma Dolan, has echoed party colleague, Senator Niall Ó Donnghaile's calls for a dedicated Irish Passport office in the north.

The Sinn Féin party spokesperson on north-south integration said,

"There were over 82,000 Irish passport applications from the North last year, and even more from Britain. Over half of the requests were from first-time applicants.

"This initiative would provide a practical service investment here in the north and benefit the thousands of applicants in terms of time efficiency and increased access to service and advice.

"My colleague has called on the Irish government to support this initiative which also has the support of other parties.

"Our Sinn Féin offices are always busy at this time of year with people applying for passports ahead of the holiday season. The outcome of the EU referendum has magnified that demand.

"The online service for adult passport renewals has been somewhat beneficial to people. However, unprecedented demand for Irish passports has ensured that the traditional application and renewal process remains extremely busy.

"I would urge people to check their passports are in date, bearing in mind that many countries require a six-month validity on the passport before expiration.

"If you are planning to travel this spring or summer, and you need to renew or get a new passport, I would urge people to begin the process as soon as possible as delays are inevitable until such a time as we have a second office here in the north.

"All of our offices can provide the forms as well as offer advice and assistance with passport applications." - Ends/Críoch