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"Frackopoly" comes to Fermanagh - Jemma Dolan MLA

Published: 16 May, 2017

Jemma Dolan MLA is to host the only launch in the north of 'Frackopoly', a book by Wenonah Hauter of Food and Water Watch, in the Westville Hotel, Enniskillen on Sunday June 11th.

The Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA said:

"The book describes the dangers inherent in fracking and why pursuing this harmful practice threatens public health, natural resources, and the climate.

"In many ways, fracking looms as the environmental issue of our times. In the Fermanagh and Leitrim area we are all too aware of the threats it poses.

"Across the island of Ireland and in Scotland the need to act against this corporate assault has been recognised and the first steps towards fracking bans have been prepared.

"Meanwhile the British Tory government has done little to confront the devastating environmental and public health impacts of fracking. Indeed, they have forced fracking upon communities who have opposed it.

"We must remain vigilant against continued Tory policies, and those who support them closer to home, which treat communities with such disdain.

"'Frackolopy' highlights how global energy and financial corporations are pit against people and the environment.

"The author, Wenonah Hauter, has chosen Enniskillen as the location to launch her book in the North. It is an honour to have been asked to launch the book and I would encourage people to come along on June 11th at 7.30pm to support it." - Ends/Críoch

Notes for Editors:

Wenonah Hauter is a longtime public interest advocate working on energy, environmental, and agricultural issues. She is the founder and executive director of Food & Water Watch, an international watchdog group that focuses on the environment and government accountability.