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Sinn Féin Councillors welcome progress on Domiciliary Care provision and cross-border partnership

Published: 30 September, 2016

Sinn Féin Fermanagh & Omagh Disctrict Councillors Feely, Coyle, Fitzgerald & McCann welcome progress on domiciliary care

Sinn Féin Fermanagh & Omagh Disctrict Councillors Feely, Coyle, Fitzgerald & McCann welcome progress on domiciliary care

At the recent Fermanagh and Omagh Health and Social Care Group, Sinn Féin Councillors Debbie Coyle and John Feely welcomed the update provided by the Trust with regard to Domiciliary Care.

Councillor Coyle said:

"We were informed that the contract for domiciliary care was finally signed over to seven care providers in the Western Trust in mid-September. However, we were also informed that it may take a further 9-12 months for areas to see any change in the care provided."

Councillor John Feely welcomed the fact that the Trust are especially looking to get this vital care service into specific areas which have been hardest hit first.

He said:

"The Trust has confirmed that rural Fermanagh, along with Limavady, areas are first priority in the Western Trust area. However, this does raise serious concerns for others who are equally isolated.

"As councillors we often hear of the difficulties that families have and the fight they have to get a reasonable care package in place for their loved one."

Councillor Coyle continued:

"The importance of working more closely with patients who live near neighbouring Trusts which have domiciliary care working in that area, especially within a few hundred yards of each other, was stressed.

"The WHSCT confirmed that they do not work with adjacent health Trusts on this issue. It was suggested that this should be looked at as more efficient and providing better outcome for all. This would benefit families who are struggling with the care of a loved one and would also free up hospital beds."

Councillor Coyle continued:

"We also had a presentation at this meeting from Dr John Bartlett, based in Sligo IT, regarding a proposed Cross Border Partnership. This is an initiative which our party colleague, MEP Martina Anderson, has been working on. Ms Anderson has been meeting with relevant health stakeholders on a cross border basis, out of which 3 observations have been identified:

• Health and social care challenges, inequalities and opportunities in the region;

• Unique, specialised resources in the region;

• A risk of losing out on investment and initiatives, focused elsewhere.

The Cross Border Partnership therefore will be proposing to:

• Link facilities and resources;

• Explicitly address challenges, inequalities and opportunities;

• Help the region develop a cross border health strategy.

"I welcome the news that the Partnership have invited FODC to have representation on the group. This is an exciting way forward which will serve to strengthen our healthcare provision in this region.

"We look forward to watching the development of this partnership for the benefit of all citizens across the border region including all of those in our council area." - Críoch/End