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Feely welcomes passing of Rural Needs Bill through Assembly.

Published: 10 March, 2016

Sinn Féin Councillor John Feely has welcomed the passing of the Rural Needs Bill through the Assembly this week.

Mr Feely said;

"The passing of the Rural Needs Bill is a good news story for rural communities, not just in Fermanagh, but across the North.

"More than 670,000 people live in rural areas in the north and this legislation will go a long way to address the issues and challenges our communities face.

"It is a historic day as the north is now the first region in Europe to introduce legislation to ensure that rural dwellers will enjoy the same quality of life as others.

"This legislation will require public authorities and decision makers to take the needs of rural communities into account when developing policies and services.

"Since I joined the council in 2014, it has come up time and time again that decision makers fail to take into account the needs of rural dwellers; hopefully those days are at an end.

"Rural communities themselves played a key role in shaping this legislation and I thank my party colleague Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Michelle O'Neill, for taking this legislation forward." - Ends/Críoch