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High-speed satellite broadband scheme for Fermanagh

Published: 29 January, 2016

Avanti Communications have proposed offering high-speed satellite broadband to Northern counties, Fermanagh and Antrim through a programme currently being subsidised through a British Government Scheme. Mr. Lynch explained that "This scheme is available to homes, businesses, community & voluntary groups in Co. Fermanagh who currently have poor or no fixed-line broadband. "This scheme could potentially be a very viable solution to many homes in this county with packages available from £24.99 a month and there is no line rental or installation charges. "An eligible post code checker is available at www.better-broadband.co.uk. I would actively encourage anyone currently facing difficulties with their broadband provision in Fermanagh to establish if this could be the solution for them. "There are ongoing challenges with the quality and coverage of internet services, particularly for residents of county Fermanagh, whom are equally as entitled to enhanced and fast internet provision, and we look forward with anticipation as the Avanti Communications programme rolls out"