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Firework Safety appeal from MP

Published: 28 October, 2014

Sinn Féin MP Michelle Gildernew has urged people to continue the trend of last year and ensure that injuries caused by fireworks over the Halloween period follow a downward pattern.

Speaking today the Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP said;

Over the 4 week period of 17th October to 14th November, six persons reported to an emergency care department in the 6 counties with a firework related injury, 8 less than in 2012, and the lowest number since the data collection began in 1996. While this was a welcome drop from the previous year, I would appeal to everyone to remain vigilant and continue to try to eradicate this problem.'

'The vast majority of those injured were male - 6 in total, whilst 4 of those injured were over the age of 18, which was the most affected age group. The most common form of injury was to the hand and wrist - 2, whilst face/head/neck injuries accounted for 3.'

Ms Gildernew continued;

'In conclusion, I would welcome the fact that there was a great fall in the number of injuries last year, I hope that the message continues to be heard that fireworks, particularly those fireworks bought from unofficial sources, may seem like fun, but they can also be very dangerous and to use them responsibly. I would also call on all those people, especially young people, who will be using fireworks this year to show consideration for the elderly and animals throughout this period.'

'By all means enjoy the festivities at Halloween but be safe and do not let what should be a bit of fun turn into a nightmare, the consequences of which could be scars or disfigurement which last a life time.' END/CRÍOCH