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Feely Welcomes Removal of Belleek Caravan

Published: 27 October, 2014

Sinn Féin Councillor John Feely has welcomed a commitment from Fermanagh District Council to remove the mobile caravan from the Erne Gateway Centre car park in Belleek.

The Erne North Councillor said,

"As a Belleek man, I take great pride in the appearance of my village. This monstrosity sends out a bad message to those visiting or passing Belleek and its presence has an off putting effect on potential tourists.

"The Gateway Centre should be one of the most focal and welcoming features in Belleek, therefore I have been working closely with officers within Fermanagh District Council over the last two weeks to secure the removal of this caravan.

"The council has assured me that the caravan will be removed in the coming days."