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Coyle encourages youth to get involved

Published: 20 October, 2014

This week is European Local Democracy Week. 'Participatory democracy: sharing, proposing, and deciding has been chosen as this years' main theme, as this topic is at the heart of the ELDW's mission as envisaged at its launch in 2007 - to create a pertinent tool for boosting and measuring citizen participation at local level.

Sinn Féin Cllr. Debbie Coyle says,

"This is the eighth year that we celebrate European Local Democracy Week. This year to mark the occasion I took part in a panel discussion in Enniskillen Town Hall were local schools, youth workers & young people from the youth forum attended to ask questions and learn more about local politics.

"I was really impressed by the questions being asked from the young people - it highlights that our youth are far from oblivious to what is going on and are taking an interest in society.

"As part of the panel I was asked questions on issues that our young Sinn Féin members and activists also find important. These issues include fracking, LGBT, Gaza, marriage equality, Women's issues and Welfare Cuts.

"The young people were also particularly concerned about jobs, the proposed increase in rates and youth facilities.

"I also explained how Fermanagh District Council works, the changes that will come into play with the new Fermanagh Omagh Council and the importance of working at grassroots level.

"It was great opportunity to let the young people know what Sinn Féin youth members do and listen to what concerns they have."