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Don't be intimidated by TV Licensing letter - Feely

Published: 13 October, 2014

During the last week a sizeable number of residents in Fermanagh have been receiving letters from TV Licensing claiming they are in the "final stages of investigation."

Speaking about the letters, Sinn Féin Cllr for Erne North, John Feely said;

"A number of people who have up to date TV licences have contacted me in relation to these letters.

"After speaking with TV Licensing it appears that there are a number of anomalies because of the new postal addresses and post codes introduced in Fermanagh last year.

"People who have licences for their old address are receiving these letters to their new address.

"I have clarified that as long as you have a licence it does not matter if it is for your old or updated address.

"I explained to TV Licensing how sending out generic, threatening, bully-boy letters such as these is out of order.

"Especially when it appears that they don't know anything about the change in postal addresses.

"Unfortunately I could not speak to the "Enforcement Manager" of the so-called "Northern Ireland South Enforcement Division."

"I kid you not; this entity appears to be a real thing, working with-in TV Licensing.

"I have written to the manager of this grouping to state, in the strongest possible terms, that their current system is not good enough considering the new address system in Fermanagh and that these letters should stop.

"TV Licensing are a trading name of Capita, which is employed by the BBC to collect licence fees and as such a lot of what is contained in their letters is bluff.

"If you already have a licence and have received one of these letters you can contact them and explain your new address or simply ignore the letter.

"They are not an agency of government, they cannot enter your property, they cannot force you to make a statement, and they cannot fine you."