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World Mental Health Day

Published: 10 October, 2014

Fermanagh Sinn Féin representatives attended a fundraising Coffee Morning this morning in the Aisling Centre, Enniskillen.

Erne North Cllr John Feely says;

"The Centre provides much needed services to the people of Fermanagh & the surrounding areas who are suffering from mental health difficulties."

"With the results of a recent health survey carried out by a local paper revealing that a massive 83% of people in Fermanagh believe that there is not enough being done to tackle mental health issues and suicide here, it shows how important centres such as the Aisling Centre are."

"Mental Health is such a growing epidemic in our society and it is about time the Health Minister began to take it more seriously. With statistics revealing that 1 in 4 people will suffer from some sort of mental health difficulty, whether that be anxiety, depression or an addiction, in their lifetime we need to ensure there is a health service that we can rely on."