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Sligo Road Death Trap Needs Resolved - Flanagan

Published: 8 October, 2014

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan is seeking a meeting with representatives from Roads Service to seek the realignment of sections of the Sligo Road following the most recent road traffic accident, which left the road closed for several hours on 18th September.

Mr Flanagan visited the scene recently and discussed the situation with local residents including former Sinn Féin Councillor Paddy Gilgunn.

Speaking after his visit, Mr Flanagan said:

"This is a notorious accident blackspot and in my opinion it is a death trap. Residents living in this area and pedestrians who walk along the footpath are fearful of their lives. Something needs to be done to address this long standing issue.

"Plans are in place, and are at an advanced stage, to introduce a right turn lane for Enniskillen bound traffic, which wants to turn up onto Old Rossorry Link and Old Rossorry Road. This is a welcome move as it will help reduce traffic jams on the Sligo Road at peak times.

"However, as part of this work, the road is being widened to include part of an adjacent field. I would be keen to explore ways in which this work can be extended to remove the troublesome corner that is deceiving so many motorists and causing so many accidents on this particular stretch of a very busy road.

"I have asked Roads Service for a meeting to explore ways in which the currently planned work can accommodate the removal of this unneccessary corner and the realignment of the Sligo Road to reduce the chances of any further serious accidents and damage to property in this area.

"In the long term, the best solution is for the long promised by-pass of Enniskillen to be brought forward, to reduce unnecessary traffic flows from the Sligo Road and to redirect vehicles onto a purpose built road around the outskirts of the town."