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New Builds in Tyrone to benefit the local economy by £89 million - McGahan

Published: 8 October, 2014

Sinn Féin MLA for Fermanagh/South Tyrone Bronwyn McGahan has stated that the Capital Build Projects for St. Patrick's Academy, Dungannon and Edendork Primary School will benefit the local economy by around £89m.

In reply to a question submitted to the Minister for Education, Ms McGahan said,

"I wrote to the Minister asking for an update on the construction of two schools in the area and I am delighted by his response.

"The project for St Patrick's Academy is progressing well, with a notice for construction tenders now submitted and published in September 2014. It is hoped that construction will commence on site in 2015.

"To date with the Edendork Primary School project, suitable sites have been identified for the location of the new school by Land and Property Services. The next stage will be to address the suitability of those sites."

"I also raised with the Minister the wider benefits of these projects to the local construction industry and the community in terms of the inclusion of social clauses.

"Not only will these new facilities for schools provide first class facilities for our children but I am also aware that significant investment has been made over this last number of years and this is having a beneficial impact on the construction industry and, therefore, the economy.

"In the case of St Patrick's Academy in Dungannon, it is estimated as a potential investment to our economy of £77 million.

In the case of Edendork Primary School, it will benefit the local economy by somewhere in the region of £11 million. Not only do the schools benefit from this; certainly, the construction industry also benefits, as does our local economy."