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Sinn Féin monitor Enniskillen Loyalist Band Parade

Published: 26 September, 2011

Two Sinn Féin representatives, Councillors Tommy Maguire and Debbie Coyle, were present in Enniskillen last Friday night to monitor the loyalist band parade that took place in the town.

Councillor Tommy Maguire stated:

"It was clear the town was effectively under siege with none of the usual influx of people going out to enjoy the night time entertainment in Enniskillen and this was far from the first time that this happened this year.

"I have been inundated by phonecalls from constituents who are angry about the huge number of band parades that take place in Enniskillen.

"This is having a serious detrimental impact on an already stressed economy.

Councillor Maguire said that from approximately 8.30pm, the traffic was diverted up the Cornagrade Road and then along the Irvinestown Road.

"I heard one driver ask directions to Asda from the Library Roundabout; for visitors this diversion is not that simple.

"My party colleague, Phil Flanagan, in his representations to the Parades Commission, outlined the need for disruption to traffic to kept to a minimum; it appears those pleas went unabated.

"I also spoke to several business owners on Friday night.

"The general feeling was that it was effectively a waste of time trying to run business as normal.

"Music and other entertainment had to be called off in many places because of the noise and lack of customers.

"Belfast had a Culture Night on Friday, but we were subjected to this was one remark from local business owner."

"There was some indication of provocation when the bands paused and stopped outside two public houses.

"They were directed to do so by Parade Stewards, when this was brought to our attention we then consulted with the PSNI.

"After this the Stewards directed the bands to stop in a different place.

"Maybe this flexibility could be further developed so that discussions could take place prior to any other such night which seemed to be more rooted in triumphalism than any genuine demonstration of culture.

"Thankfully no one reacted to the attempted provocation and the night passed off peacefully."